Teacher With College Students Giving Lesson In Classroom

Reinventing How Business Schools Teach Morality of Capitalism:
Business Ethics and Entrepreneurship

Through Disruptive Innovation Conferences we have engaged academic networks in higher education and K-12 to design, test and implement a new set of curriculum materials, and make the content available to all educators. We will be featuring the free-to-use pilot of this resource on our website in Spring of 2017.

we the people

American Government: A Thoughtful Introduction

This course explores principles of American government and extends themes from the founding era to the complexity of the current American political system. This is a multimedia course featuring original text, original and third party videos, third party audio, and public-domain photographs. The course includes a full syllabus, quiz bank questions, and discussion board questions.


Liberty Fund

Strata co-hosts conferences with Liberty Fund, Inc. and the Charles Koch Institute. The conferences bring professors together to openly explore relevant topics and issues related to liberty and freedom.

  • The Foundations of Liberty & Society: Spontaneous Order Part
  • Applying the Lessons of Markets to Management
  • Liberty & Responsibility in Corporate Governance
  • Freedom, Prosperity, & Heroic Entrepreneurship in Economic Debate
  • Do Economics & Business Studies Advance Liberal Education and a Free Society?
  • Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Markets, & Liberty
Academic Programs

Koch Scholars

A group of university students are selected each semester to meet weekly and discuss an assortment of books, movies, and podcasts over dinner. These students are exposed to liberty-based principles and given a $1000 stipend.


Strata Report

The Strata Report is a weekly radio spot on KVNU, a local radio station in Logan, Utah. We discuss topics like politics, economics, and other issues being debated on the local, statewide and national stage’.


Laissez Squares

Laissez Squares is an interactive information site for conversations and ideas that appeal to the nerd in us all. Classic and new libertarian ideas are presented and discussed each week.