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Strata Academics: A Thoughtful Approach

Strata Academics produces high quality educational resources that are free to use in a variety of educational settings. Our content is adapted to the needs of multiple constituencies, ranging from homeschoolers and advanced high school students to college freshmen and sophomores. Course materials are designed using a “Practice, Reflect, Implement” approach, emphasizing practical engagement with the learning material, subsequent discussion of and reflection on the takeaways arising from the educational experience, followed by integration of the experience with the student’s life and activities.

Currently, two complete sets of educational material are available on this site. First, our American Government: A Thoughtful Introduction explores principles of American government and extends themes from the founding era to the complexity of the current American political system. This is a multimedia course featuring original text, original and third party videos, third party audio, and public-domain photographs. The course includes a full syllabus, quiz bank questions, and discussion board questions.

Second, our Reinventing Ethical Entrepreneurship course, developed in conjunction with Entrepreneur Pathways Inc., provides activities and support material to encourage the development of entrepreneurial virtues in students. Lessons are designed as practical experiences which may be inserted as modular content into existing syllabi to reinforce and draw out ethical and free market principles latent within entrepreneurial activities in all of their various manifestations. Our content features 104 lessons adapted for Middle School, High School, and College classrooms, original and third party videos, Common Core integration, and support questions.

 For Educators

Our American Government materials were built in accordance with the three sets of national standards: 1) NCSS C3 Framework for Social Studies; 2) AP US Government & Politics Curriculum Outline; and 3) National Standards for Civics and Government from the Center for Civics Education. In addition to a web-based, HTML version, we have provided Canvas and Moodle courses with additional resources for assessment and a syllabus.
Our Reinventing Ethical Entrepreneurship materials were developed in accordance with the Common Core standards and are suitable for Civics, Economics, History, Language Arts, Social Studies, and STEM classes. A PDF of each lesson is available for download.
All of our materials are available free of charge, so please take, adapt, and share these resources to meet your needs and the needs of your students.

We are interested in educator feedback regarding what works, what could be improved, and what is missing. To this end, we have conducted multiple pilots and focus groups soliciting feedback from professors, teachers, and students. After exploring or using materials on this site, please take a moment to submit feedback to help us improve these resources.

Use of Material and Your Information

These materials are free to download and use. You may quote the materials with attribution. Strata will not share your registration information with 3rd parties. Read more about our terms of use and privacy agreement here.

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