Reinventing Ethical Entrepreneurship 

What Is It?

Reinventing Ethical Entrepreneurship (REE) is a series of lessons and support material designed to disrupt current practices in business ethics and entrepreneurship education at K-12 and Higher Education. Focusing on practical and experiential learning in place of traditional knowledge acquisition, REE aims to motivate ethical business practices and entrepreneurial character in students.

Built For Doing

REE’s unique system of education is built around 12 entrepreneurial virtues. Eschewing lectures, case studies, and extensive reading lists, REE teaches ethics and entrepreneurship by having students actively “doing.” Our short lessons immerse students in activities designed to cultivate virtuous character and moral entrepreneurialism.

Our Goal

REE was developed by Strata Policy in association with Entrepreneur Pathways, Inc. and a network of almost 300 K-12 and Higher Education teachers across 11 states. Our overriding goal is to provide material that meets the needs of teachers: flexible, compatible with existing syllabuses, geared to common core standards, and above all, easy to use and implement.

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