Reinventing Ethical Entrepreneurship: How To Use Our Content


The activities available on this website have been developed for ease of use and adaptability. Activities are stand-alone exercises that may be inserted into an existing lesson.

Each activity contains information on activity objectives, the virtue(s) addressed, how to implement the activity in the classroom, materials required, standards met (for middle and high school), and downloadable files for classroom use. Teachers require no additional resources in order to implement these lessons, with the exception of physical props required for some games.

Each activity requires students to participate in an exercise guided by the teacher. Students face a challenge requiring them to practice the relevant virtue(s) in order to solve the problem. By having students practice virtuous behavior, the activities aim to encourage the development of the corresponding virtue(s). The activities are followed by a period of discussion and reflection in which students evaluate the learning experience.


The activities are split into two groups:

  1. Strata Academics Lessons: Longer activities developed by Strata Academics adapted to the needs of middle school, high school, and college students.
  2. Entrepreneurial Virtues Activities: Shorter lessons developed by Entrepreneur Pathways, Inc. (EPI) suitable for most K-12 classes.

Longer lessons generally take about an hour, while shorter lessons can take anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour.

You may access these lessons here:

Middle School
High School
Short Lessons (EPI)


Teachers may select from the available activities either by virtue, subject area, or Common Core standard. Full directions for choosing an activity are available on our Choosing an Activity page.


Each activity may be altered as you see fit. You may wish to change the length of the activity, adjust the props to be used, change the name, rework the rules of the games, or assign your own subject-specific questions. Each lesson is divided into sections covering each aspect of the activity and is available in .pdf format for your convenience.


Every lesson is accompanied by recommendations for additional learning. These are usually videos drawn from open source media libraries. Strata Academics has also produced a series of twelve videos explaining each of the virtues for classroom discussion. Links to these resources are included in the lesson plans.

Feel free to expand activities however you see fit. The activities have been designed as launching pads and guideposts for learning and practicing the entrepreneurial virtues. They serve to spur new avenues of experience and discussion, and to guide students down the path of entrepreneurial ethics education. Innovation is encouraged, on the part of the student and the teacher.

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