Reinventing Ethical Entrepreneurship: Lessons

These lessons are designed to be used in conjunction with existing syllabuses. They do not form a syllabus suitable for semester-length education by themselves. Each lesson is a self-contained activity accompanied by all necessary support material.

Lessons are divided into two groups: those produced by Strata Academics and those produced by our affiliate organization Entrepreneur Pathways, Inc. (“EPI”).


by Strata Academics

Strata-produced lessons tend to be longer, occupying an entire 1-hour teaching segment. They have been divided by age group: Middle School, High School, and College.


by Entrepreneur Pathways, Inc. (EPI)

EPI-produced lessons tend to be shorter, occupying anywhere from 15-60 minutes of teaching time. These lessons are suitable for High School, though some teachers may also find them useful in Middle School or even in College.

For a description of the pedagogical framework of these lessons, see How to Use These Lessons.

For help selecting a lesson, see Choosing a Lesson.

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