6 Banks that Don’t Require Social Security Numbers

If you want to open a bank account without an SSN, you can learn how to do it here.

As of 2021, there are over 4,900 banks you can find in the United States, and most banks in the United States offer online banking features, which you can use to ease your banking activities.

Most national banks in the US also make it easy for anyone living in the US to open a checking or savings account with them, such as via the online registration process. Often, providing SSN information is something that you need to do when you open an account with U.S. banks and financial institutions.

It is the norm for banks in the US to ask for your SSN information when you sign up for an account with them, but some banks in the US might not require the use of SSN when you sign up for an account.

This guide will help you dive deeper into the banks that don’t require Social Security Numbers in the United States. Let’s get to it! 

What Banks Do Not Require an SSN?

Most banks in the United States require you to provide your SSN information when opening an account with them.

However, some banks will not require you to provide your SSN information, and instead, you will only need to give them your ITIN or any other identification documents.

Here are the banks that don’t require Social Security Number (SSN) when you open an account with them:

1. Alliant Credit Union

Alliant Credit Union provides nationwide digital banking, credit cards, and loans, with an award-winning high-rate savings account that provides 11x more rates than the average banks in the US.

With digital banking from Alliant Credit Union, you can use the online banking app to bank anywhere and anytime, earn unlimited cash back, get ATM rebates, enjoy no overdraft fees, and apply for a low-rate car loan or refinancing program.

Submitting SSN is optional when you sign up for an account with Alliant Credit Union, as you can submit other documents to replace the SSN requirement.

  • You can submit your ITIN (Individual Tax Identification Number) or a completed W-8BEN form to sign up for an Alliant Credit Union account, alongside other documents like U.S. driver’s license, signed U.S. passport, utility bill, lease agreement, and others.
  • You can earn up to 0.55% APY for the money you save on your Alliant Credit Union savings account, with $5 initial deposit requirement and average $100 daily balance requirement.
  • Alliant Credit Union also offers credit cards with Visa Signature and Visa Platinum, mortgages, home equity line of credit, auto loans, car buying service, vehicle service program, RV loans, personal loans, and commercial real estate. You can invest with Alliant Credit Union via traditional IRA, trust accounts, and Alliant Retirement and Investment Services.

Where to sign up: Alliant Credit Union

2. Citi

Citi provides banking, lending, credit cards, investing, and wealth management services with plenty of benefits and features you can enjoy, and you don’t need to provide any SSN information to sign up for an account with Citi.

Credit cards from Citi provide various benefits based on your preferences, such as cashback, rewards for Costco members, low introductory rate, and great airline miles.

You can also make checking so simple with Citi, as it provides you with a 24/7 digital banking system with no minimum deposit requirement.

You can also earn 20,000 bonus points after qualifying purchases.


  • Citi Checking Accounts allow you to access over 65,000 fee-free ATMs nationwide, access to the online banking platform, manage your money with easy-to-use money management tools, access to digital wallets, send and request money with Zelle, and get protected from ID thefts, fraud, and unauthorized use.
  • Citi Savings Accounts allow you to earn 0.50% APY for your savings balance, create goals for your savings fund, get overdraft protection for your savings, and use the Auto Save feature. You can waive the monthly service fee by maintaining a $500 monthly balance in your savings account, and there is no minimum deposit requirement for you to open a savings account with Citi.
  • Also, you can earn bonus rewards for the purchases you have made with your Citi Rewards+ Card. You can earn the 20,000 bonus points (equal to $200 gift card) when you spend at least $1,500 in 3 months after opening an account with Citi.

Where to sign up: Citi

3. Bank of America

Bank of America is a popular bank in the US that allows you to sign up without using an SSN. However, to sign up for a Bank of America account without using an SSN, you need to go to the nearest Bank of America branch and apply for an account in person.

Of course, you will need to provide the ITIN information along with other supporting documents. With Bank of America, you can choose from among several credit cards you can use, which have their own benefits, such as Customized Cash Rewards ($200 online bonus offer), Unlimited Cash Rewards ($200 online bonus offer), Travel Rewards (25,000 online bonus points offer), and BankAmericard (0% introductory APR offer).

  • Checking Accounts from Bank of America include easy anytime access to ATMs and financial centers across the US, along with Erica (virtual assistant), easy payment solutions with debit card, digital wallet, online payment option with Zelle, total security protection from fraud and unauthorized access, and smart money management tools.
  • Savings Accounts from Bank of America include tiered savings, cashback deals, rewards, automatic savings, mobile check deposits, custom alerts, overdraft protection, and FDIC insurance. It also provides a fee waiver for students under 25 years old.
  • Bank of America also provides auto loan and home loan programs that allow you to get various loans based on your needs. The loan programs include mortgages, refinancing, home equity, auto purchase loans, and auto refinance loans.

Official URL: Bank of America

4. Chase

Chase is a socially responsible bank that provides various banking products and services, such as checking, savings, business banking, credit cards, investments, home loans, auto loans, commercial banking, and free credit score.

With Chase, you can bank from anywhere and take card payments by phone or online. It also offers a $100 bonus for customers opening a Chase Secure Banking Account for the first time, with certain requirements.

You can sign up for a Chase banking account without using an SSN, by providing your ITIN information during the sign-up process.

You will also need to provide other supporting documents if you want to open a new Chase account.

  • Chase Checking Accounts include Chase Total Checking, Chase Secure Banking, and Chase Premier Plus Checking, with each account allowing you to access over 16,000 ATMs across the US, access online and mobile banking, use the auto-save feature, create a debit card for your kid, and access to Chase overdraft services (free for less than $50 overdraft).
  • Chase Savings Accounts include Chase Savings and Chase Premier Savings with an option to waive your monthly fee, access to auto-saving features, earn interests for your balance, earn relationship rates, earn more interests for higher balance, and get Chase Certificate of Deposit.
  • Also, Chase provides various business banking products and services, which include business checking, business loans, business credit cards, merchant services, business savings, business debit cards, commercial banking, business services, and retirement plans.

Official URL: Chase

5. PNC Bank

PNC Bank is another bank in the US that doesn’t require you to use SSN to enroll. As a replacement, you will need to use other types of documents to sign up for a PNC account, such as a U.S. driver’s license, ITIN, or military ID.

PNC Bank provides banking products and services for personal, small business, corporate, and institutional. It also includes the Virtual Wallet system that combines both checking and savings accounts into one platform for easier money management.

You can download the PNC Bank mobile app via Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


  • The Virtual Wallet system from PNC provides various benefits you can enjoy, such as free monthly maintenance fee, zero minimum deposit, reimbursement of surcharge fees from other ATMs, access to PNC ATMs without having to pay any fee, 0.40% APY, two-layers overdraft protection, and various digital tools you can use to manage your money.
  • You can also use PNC Bank to open a Business Checking Account, which gives you various benefits, such as no monthly account fee, cash rewards, remote deposit, cash flow insight, free online banking statement, free Visa business debit card, no ATM fee, free online banking, and Quick Switch Kit.
  • PNC Bank also provides various banking solutions for corporate and institutional, such as financing, markets, treasury management, advisory services, institutional asset management, and organizational financial wellness. These solutions are available for various industries, such as commercial real estate, public finance/education, healthcare, financial sponsors, and financial institutions.

Official URL: PNC Bank

6. Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo offers various banking and wealth management products and services that can help simplify your life.

With Wells Fargo, you can also achieve your financial goals by using the free online budgeting tools to keep your cash flow in check.

You can explore your credit options, and then improve your credit, calculate your debt-to-income ratio, and consolidate your debt.

Signing up for a Wells Fargo account doesn’t require an SSN, but you will need to provide other legal documents, such as passport, driver’s license, ITIN, or state ID card.

  • The Wells Fargo Everyday Checking account provides the day-to-day banking needs for individuals who want to simplify their financial life. It comes with various benefits, such as zero liability protection, 24/7 fraud monitoring, Zelle payment, Wells Fargo Mobile, chip technology, and account alerts.
  • With Wells Fargo Checking, you can waive the monthly fee by maintaining a $500 daily balance or meet other requirements. Students or account owners that are still between 17-24 years old can also enjoy no monthly fee with their Wells Fargo Checking account. However, you will need to deposit $25 to open this checking account.
  • Wells Fargo provides investing and wealth management services that include online stock trading, ETF trades, automated investing, dedicated financial advisor, and team-based wealth management. It’s best for those who have a clear financial vision and those who want to reach their financial goals.

Official URL: Wells Fargo

How to Open a Bank Account Without an SSN – Step-by-Step

To open a bank account without an SSN, you need to follow these steps:

  • Choose the bank that doesn’t require any SSN for its account registration process. You can choose one from the list provided in this guide.
  • Visit the bank’s official website and see the requirements for you to open an account there. The bank will provide you with information about how to open an account there, including how to open an account without using an SSN (Social Security Number).
  • Prepare the required documents as specified by the bank for your account registration process. The bank might require you to prepare additional documents, such as ITIN, US driver’s license, military ID, utility bill statement, lease agreement, passport, and so on.
  • Sometimes, you will need to visit the bank’s branch if you want to open an account with them without an SSN, as the bank will need to verify the documents in person. However, some banks will allow you to provide all the required documents via their online submission process.
  • Please note that you also need to prepare the initial deposit for your account, as some banks will require you to deposit a certain amount of money to open an account with them. Again, check their official website for this information.
  • Wait for the bank to verify your identity, and you will get access to your new bank account right away after the registration process is complete.

Congratulations! You have signed up for a bank account in the US without using an SSN.

Banks That Don't Require Social Security Numbers [Easy Sign Up]

These are the banks in the United States that don’t require social security numbers for you to sign up to. You can choose one of these banks if you don’t want to use your SSN during the registration process. By following the step-by-step guide, you can open an account with the bank of your choice with no problem. 

Be sure to prepare all the required documents, along with the initial deposit, to get your account set up as soon as possible. You can ask for information from the customer service of these banks if you have questions during your account registration process. Good luck! 


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🏆 Our #1 Checking Accounts Choice for 2024
Primary Rating:
Chase Total Checking® Account

✓ Earn up to $300 when you open a new Chase Total Checking® account and complete qualifying activities

✓ Manage your accounts, deposit checks, transfer funds, plan a budget and more - all from your device

✓ Over 4,700 branches, the largest branch network in the U.S. plus access to more than 15,000 ATMs