Go Outside

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By Alicia Birrell

Being in the outdoors will give you a love for the outdoors. There is a supposed conflict between the planet’s well-being and human interest. There is also a considerable amount of misinformation regarding this issue. I argue that this outcome is partly due to a lack of personal connection to the environment.

How many times have you been in the outdoors this week, and I mean really did something outside that allowed you to appreciate the environment? Sadly, for some, the only time they make it outdoors is when they go from their house to their car. Others find an intimate connection with the outdoors that allows them to fully appreciate their surroundings.

Time spent in the outdoors enhances your awareness and love of the environment. In Utah, it is particularly easy to find a connection to the outdoors as we are surrounded by seemingly limitless opportunities to be outside. The mountains alone offer a wide range of activities to suit everyone. Although, It doesn’t matter if you are 6,000 ft up or just at your local neighborhood park, creating a connection with the world is all the same.

We are now entering Fall where the temperatures are pleasant and the fall colors are vibrant. I challenge you to put aside a few hours this week to step outside and appreciate the beautiful environment around us. You may find yourself gaining a greater appreciation for the world we live in.

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