Hands-on research is one of the core operations of Strata. Our research team identifies and analyzes complex issues dealing with the environment, energy, and public lands. Believing that better outcomes result when people are given more freedom, we approach our research from a liberty-minded perspective. Our policy analysts work to ensure that Strata’s research reaches and impacts both policymakers and the general public. Strata also employs student researchers who work on real research projects through an apprenticeship that teaches them writing, analytical, and professional skills that will benefit them throughout their careers. Through our research, Strata is working to change the world for the better.

Recently Published Research

Stepping On Prayers

The term “Bears Ears” has traditionally been used to refer to twin buttes located in Southeastern Utah. It is also the name of a National [...]

The Future of Small Modular Nuclear Reactors in the U.S.

Small Modular Nuclear Reactors (SMR) have the potential to transform the nuclear energy industry in the US and across the world. SMR technology [...]

The Current State of Electric Vehicle Subsidies

Despite subsidies, for most consumers EVs remain less cost-effective than gasoline or gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles. However, declining [...]

The Local Impacts of Environmental Regulations

Affordable and reliable energy allows us to travel quickly, feed large populations, provide modern health care, and keep our homes warm in the [...]

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