Sue-and-settle is the name applied to a federal agency’s use of litigation to create policy outside of the normal regulatory process. This paper discusses the impact that the sue-and-settle policy has had on Congress, the judiciary, and the Environmental Protection Agency. Specifically, this [...]

Federal Land in the United States

Federal lands are owned and managed by the United States government and cannot be owned by private individuals. Almost one-third (640 million acres) of the continental United States is federal land and is primarily located in the Western United States. This STRATA report identifies the division [...]

Stepping On Prayers

The term “Bears Ears” has traditionally been used to refer to twin buttes located in Southeastern Utah. It is also the name of a National Monument that was designated by President Barack Obama in December 2016.

Endangered Species Act

The ESA is meant to preserve threatened and endangered species from extinction, but biases in funding, research, and public attention mean non-charismatic and lesser-known species are often overlooked. The ESA doesn’t consider the concerns of private landowners, and unintentionally incentivizes [...]

Manufacturing Yellowstone

As the National Park Service (NPS) celebrates its centennial anniversary in 2016, the Institute of Political Economy (IPE) at the Utah State University examined how NPS officials have made management decisions in Yellowstone National Park over the past century. In the report Manufacturing [...]

Options for the Monetization of the Elliot State Forest

In recent years, environmental litigation has made the financial obligations of the ESF unattainable through timber harvest. The Oregon State Land Board is currently searching for options with which it can balance the legal and financial responsibilities of the forest with the social and [...]

Energy in National Monuments

The 1906 Antiquities Act made it possible for the President to designate an area a national monument, thus limiting the activities that are allowed within the monument. The act was born out of a growing movement during the late 19th century to preserve archaeological sites, especially those in [...]

Economic Impacts of Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance Litigation on Local Communities

In our analysis, we find the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance's litigious actions often have negative economic impacts on local communities...

Costs of Land Administration in Utah

The purpose of this report is to develop a metric for comparing costs across land administration entities with land management responsibilities within the State of Utah. For lands to be transferred to the State under the Transfer of Public Lands Act, we estimate the total per annum cost to the [...]

Green Revenue? Local Governments and Wilderness Designation

The goal of this study is to explore the question: Do counties with designated Wilderness areas have more or less property and sales tax revenue than counties without Wilderness areas? Evaluating this question helps understand the larger question: Do designated wilderness areas increase or [...]

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