Why My Capital One Credit Card Account is Restricted?

A complete guide to understanding why Capital One restricts accounts and how to reopen your Capital One account.

Is your Capital One account restricted? People seem to think that Capital One restricts cardholders’ accounts only if there’ve been late payments, or non-payments, or over-limit charges.

But that is not true.

Sometimes Capital One closes accounts for safety, either from the bank's point of view or yours.

Why Is My Capital One Credit Card Restricted?

capital one account restricted
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The main reason for Capital One account restrictions is when the company believes your account has done something strange or abnormal. For example, if you go over the credit line limit multiple times. They will restrict your account until you are under the limit.

In case you are wondering why your Capital One account was restricted, it is likely due to the following reasons:

  1. System error: Capital One's security system may restrict your account if you have too many incorrect logins or malicious logins that are caught by the system.
  2. Late fees: All national banks, not just Capital One, will restrict your account from new purchases if you have too many late payments that have been unpaid.

How To Remove Restriction on Capital One Credit Card?

Many individuals who had their Capital One accounts restricted are wondering “How do I unrestrict my Capital One account?” A lot of people end up restricted due to a variety of reasons.

To reopen your Capital One account, call customer service at 1 (800) 227-4825. The CSR should be able to provide you with more information regarding the restriction and ultimately reopen your account. Keep in mind that when an account is restricted, purchases are forbidden.

Another option to reinstate your restricted Capital One account is to visit your local Capital One branch. You can go in person and talk to a representative who can help figure out why your account has been restricted and figure out ways to get it back open. You may find local Capital One branches by visiting the Capital One Locations Finder.

Pro tip: Usually Capital One accounts are restricted due to having gone over the credit limit. The solution would be to pay off your outstanding balance in order to reopen the account. Once this is done, the account will open automatically, or you will have to call them directly.

Are There Any Penalties?

Capital One does not charge any penalties for restricting your Capital One credit card. However, while your card is inactive, you won't be able to make new purchases. You will have to pay your outstanding balance in order to get your card re-opened (in most cases).

Capital One Account Restricted Summary

If you let your Capital One credit card get behind on payments then your account will go into “restricted status.” Your best bet to get your account open is to pay off the balance online so you have a $0 balance. I would suggest calling Capital One and work with them to get your account reinstated. While your Capital One account is restricted, you won't be able to make new purchases and there are no additional penalties.