Recent Work

Working Paper | Groundwater Regulations and Hydraulic Fracturing: Reporting Water Use in the Permian

In 2011, it was estimated that the hydraulic fracturing occurring in this region relied solely on groundwater with between 0-2% of the water volume for fractures coming from recycled hydraulic..

Stop Being Afraid of Nuclear Energy

Photo Credit: Frédéric Paulussen by Ian Nemelka Every year, Chapman University conducts a survey regarding America’s biggest fears. Pollution and global warming have typically made the top ten on the list for the past decade. Further down the [...]

Colorado is Fracking Crazy

Photo by Donald Giannatti By Ian Nemelka Remember when the cost of a gallon of gas was teetering between $5 to $6 dollars a gallon in many regions of the United States? Well it is largely due to the increased use of hydraulic shale fracturing [...]

Strata Spotlight