Recent Work

Working Paper | Groundwater Regulations and Hydraulic Fracturing: Reporting Water Use in the Permian

In 2011, it was estimated that the hydraulic fracturing occurring in this region relied solely on groundwater with between 0-2% of the water volume for fractures coming from recycled hydraulic..

Transaction Costs and Property Rights in the Development of Western Water Law

Irrigation is an art. Ask anyone who has plowed a ditch, set irrigation dams, used siphon tubes, changed sprinkler lines, laid drip line, or programmed center pivot systems. Farmers decide individually how best to practice that art depending on [...]

Energy is Catching Up

When you think, “Blockchain,” most of us think of Bitcoin. But the electricity space is ripe for innovation. The energy world is changing rapidly, and technology is getting creative trying to keep up.

Strata Spotlight