The Never-Ending Fire Season

Climate change, among other causes, is changing the nature of firefighting, and is putting year-round demands on many landscapes. Firefighters must be able to respond to these increasing demands, [...]

Space Trash is a Problem that Shouldn’t be Ignored

If humans want to continue to be able to access GPS, track the climate, access global communication networks, and travel to space to conduct scientific research, cleaning up space debris is an [...]

A Win for Federalism and a Lost Opportunity

Despite questions concerning the wisdom of Virginia’s outright ban on uranium mining – especially in an age where nuclear energy seems like one of the world’s greatest assets in combating climate [...]

Denver’s Food Action Plan Program

This program highlights the benefits of a federalist style approach by allowing businesses, non-profits, and residents to work together to accomplish the goal of reducing food waste and food [...]

Why Bill Gates Gets it Right on Nuclear

With the global determination rising to tackle climate challenges, it looks like Bill is right. Nuclear power should play a major in future energy policies.

Montana’s Future Fisheries Improvement Program (FFIP)

In 1995, the Montana State Legislature established the Future Fisheries Improvement Program (FFIP). This program sought to expand project opportunities and funding allocated for fish habitat [...]

Self-Governance and Environmental Solutions

Every society needs rules to function, and the Ostroms distinguished between rule-makers who govern over others and those who govern with others.

State Coalitions and Private Companies Work to Revitalize Forests

With trees being so important, revitalizing areas where deforestation has occurred – the way Appalachian states have by partnering with coal companies and private organizations – key to ensuring [...]

Grazing and Wildfires: A Win-Win Solution

Domestic livestock grazing is one of the many tools that has been proven to limit the risk of wildfire and should be better utilized today to reduce the severity and size of the fuel loads upon [...]

Oregon’s Clean Vehicle Rebate Program

Recognizing the major contribution that mobile sources have on the state's overall air quality, Oregon has set its sights on incentivizing the purchase of electric vehicles by offering rebates [...]

Red Tape to Burn: Ease the Fuel Management Burden to Prevent Deadly Wildfires

Fuel management is crucial to reducing the risk of large fires in the long term. But arguing about funding fuels management alone is not enough.

Utah Grazing Improvement Program

In Utah, ranchers have strong incentives to maintain rangeland for their livestock, but unfortunately, they do not always possess the resources. Conversely, the federal government usually has the [...]

Climate Change Solutions

Nuclear energy will surely bring its own challenges, but if the climate situation is truly as urgent as it appears the global community needs to drastically cut emissions in a short timeframe [...]

Meat Matters

Only after the hunger for protein has been satiated, will humanity become as good at planting trees as it is at feeding people.

Utah’s Cooperative Wildlife Management Units

Cooperative Wildlife Management Units are realistic solutions for the future of wildlife management in Utah.

Solving Environmental Problems with Polycentricity

Polycentric systems may be the best hope we have for finding solutions for the diverse environmental problems we face.

Mass Timber: For the Forests, For the Homeless

Described as being “made from several layers of dried lumber boards stacked in alternating directions, glued and pressed to form rectangular panels,” Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) – the most [...]

America’s Wildfire Problem: Time to Protect Ourselves

The solution to America’s wildfire problem is closer than you may think. Wildfires in the western United States threaten millions of people and their homes every year. Some fires have even [...]

Public-Private Partnerships in Waste Management

In 2018, China officially removed itself from its role as the world’s “garbage dump” by refusing to buy plastic scrap. Since then, much of the western world has scrambled for solutions to the [...]

Solving Plastic Pollution Will Come from Entrepreneurs and Innovation

Every year, an additional 8 million tons of plastic waste ends up in the ocean, with 90% coming from just ten rivers, eight in Asia and two in Africa. Preventing and cleaning up ocean plastic [...]

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