White Rock Loans Review

In this White Rock Loans review (for borrowers), we'll show you how you can use a WhiteRockLoans.com personal loan for just about anything you would want.

If self-sufficiency was a choice, there is no doubt each one of us would go for it. However, it is not, and every once in a while, we tend to find ourselves in money fixes we never thought we would.

For instance, medical emergencies, late rent, unforeseen expenses, debt consolidation, and a long string of other money-emergency situations that can quickly drive us crazy. In such scenarios, some people are often lucky as they can get friends and family to help out.

However, most of us are left stranded with no option but to look for payroll advances or more likely, personal loans. The good news is that with platforms like White Rock Loans, now these emergency loans are an inch closer whenever the need arises.

White Rock Loans at a glance

  • You get get a personal loan from $500 to $5,000
  • You can get lender approved in minutes, all credit score accepted
  • Estimated APR is 6.95-35.99%
  • It's a trustworthy way to get funding
  • You can simply complete the online request form and get an answer instantly
  • Get started at White Rock Loans

Compare with other lenders

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Full White Rock Loans review

What is White Rock Loans? White Rock Loans is a personal loan platform where borrowers with all types of credit history can secure emergency loans of up to $5,000.

White Rock Loans review
White Rock Loan's online service readily serves your need to connect with a lender. The process takes a few minutes. Fill out our secure online form and they send an encrypted copy to an authorized lender to approve. 

However, even though it's a personal loan program, it's vital to note there is a significant difference between White Rock Loans and other applications.

Why? Well, White Rock Loans is neither a bank nor a lender. It is simply a platform where borrowers of all credit histories are connected to a bunch of lenders who offer fast cash solutions. Even though the platform is relatively new, it's already taking over the scene due to factors such as quick approval rates as well as the easy loan application. Hence White Rock Loans can be referred to as a lenders marketplace.

How does White Rock Loans work?

The loan application process on White Rock Loans is pretty straightforward and takes only four steps. To apply, visit the site, fill in your personal information, indicating details such as your employment status, your income, the purpose of your loan as well as the amount of cash that you need.

The application is pretty simple, but it tells lenders all they need to know about you before they cash you out. Depending on this information, White Rock Loans then connects you to a long string of Lenders who match your criteria.

If the terms are appealing, all you need to do is accept the loan, and White Rock Loans will ask you how you want to receive the money. The best bit about this platform is that it has a fast-approval rate, and depending on the amount you've borrowed, you can get it as soon as the next business day. What's more, is that you can qualify for a loan even with poor credit.

The loan repayment terms often vary from one lender to another. However, in general, White Rock Loans usually offers monthly or bi-monthly repayment options. As for the repayment period, it may be as short as 12 months or as long as 60 months. This again depends on the specific requirements of your lender. 

Is White Rock Loans legitimate?

Wondering about the legitimacy of White Rock Loans? Then you should not as the platform is 100% legit for several reasons.

First, the platform is free!

Unlike most lending platforms that require you to pay a certain amount of money upfront for you to unlock access to the loans, White Rock Loans doesn't charge you a dime. However, note, the lender you work with might have fees as part of their repayment terms. That should not worry you because even in regular money-lending situations, you pay such fees.

Also,  even though the loan application process is easy, it’s not as dramatically easy as with most other platforms. You must first fill in your information so borrowers can get all the necessary history on you, to keep the process safe and legal.

Also, since cybercriminals are increasingly targeting personal and financial information, White Rock Loans not only complies with the industry data protection standards but also goes the extra mile to safeguard the safety of your data by using 256-bit SSL encryption. The only party with access to your sensitive information is the lender you choose.

So the short answer to whether White Rock Loans is legit is yes.

Does White Rock Loans check your credit?

Although you can qualify even when you have filed for bankruptcy, White Rock Loans does not perform a credit inquiry. It is simply a lenders market, and all it does is connect you to lenders who'll help you out.

That said, some lenders will often review your credit history before cashing you out, but not all of them. Therefore, White Rock Loans does not check your credit score, but the lender might.

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What are other White Rock Loans reviews saying?

So far, most of the White Rock Loans reviews have one thing in common; they are all positive and reflect our review as well.

Previous borrowers have left testimonials saying how the platform has helped them in the past with situations such as education funds, business loans, and debt consolidation. This is quite common for personal loan companies like this and LendJet (review) that offer personal loans for all credit types.

A majority of them are impressed by the fact that the repayment period can be as long as 60 months, hence gives them the flexibility to pay at their own pace. 93% of those who've used the platform reported that they would gladly use it again if need be. Other factors that White Rock Loans users are happy about include the top-notch customer service and the smooth sailing loan application process.


  • Unsecured personal loans do not require any guarantee
  • Get the money you need quickly
  • Good credit can give you a lower interest rate
  • Most are fixed-rate loans, which makes budgeting easier


  • Approved borrowers with subprime credit could receive higher interest rates and generally would benefit from finding other ways to make cash fast.

Apply on White Rock Loans

Whether you like it or not, financial problems are inevitable. So it’s normal to need financial help every once in a while. White Rock Loans looks to be your go-to solution when any unforeseen problem arises.



White Rock Loans is a personal loan platform where borrowers with all types of credit history can secure emergency loans of up to $5,000. It compares to other personal loan companies for bad to good credit borrowers.White Rock Loans Review